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Blue as the bluest sky

I'm redder than the reddest rose

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Birthdate:Mar 9
Location:(states/regions/territories), Australia
I am a priest of the heart. I know what is mine to feel.
I let the rain from heaven fill me. I give love away as easily as water.

- Awakening Osiris. Normandi Ellis.

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1920s, 1930s, 1970s feminist jungian psychology, a well-stocked spice shelf, affluenza, ahimsa, alice keppel, alice; wendy; dorothy, amanda fucking palmer, ancestors, androgyny, april verch, asceticism, aubrey beardsley, baking cakes, books, cabaret, cake decorating, canadian stepping, cauldron farm, christmas, clog morris, cloudstreet, comics, contra, contra dance, cooking, corsets, costumes, dance, dance up the sun, dancing, dancing the divine madness, delphi, desserts, devotional practice, dionysos, divine madness, dr who, draco malfoy, dressing up, earth spirituality, edward gorey, eugène rose de beauharnais, fairy tales, feminism, femme fatale, flowers, folk festivals, fools, forests, gender studies, girls underground, goddesses in everywoman, goth clubbing, helen of troy, hosting parties, house, irish set, irish set dancing, jewels, joséphine de beauharnais, labyrinth, lacy dresses, lee miller, living in the moment, living within our means, love, maenadism, masks, meditation, men's studies, meow meow, morris dancing, mr. darcy, mysticism, mythology, national folk festival, nochnoi dozor, north west clog morris, nymphs, old book smell, old-fashioned names, phryne fisher, polytheism, prayer beads, pretty things, promethea, psychology, punk sca boys yum, quetzalcoatl, recipes, ritual, river cottage, road trips, roaring twenties, runes, running away, salome, sea change, seedy glamour, self-sufficiency, shakespeare, shamanism, silence, simple foods, simple living, slow foods, spirit, spiritual discipline, spirituality, step clog, step clogging, surrealism, swing dancing, swing patrol, syncretism, table-cloths, tailoring, tarot, tattoos, tea, tea parties, teacups and teapots, the fiddle chicks, the french resistance, the sea, the subterranean river, theatre, tori amos, tori; wendy; regina; amanda, traditional folk music, trees, urban fantasy, vamp, vaudeville, vegan mexican food, vita sackville-west, wanderlust, wassail, wendy rule, wildflowers, wine, women, women whorun withthe wolves, yoga,
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